The female choir Merikosken Laulu was established in 1947 and today it is home for around 50 women. The choir and its singing groups perform and take actively part in different music events and festivals throughout Finland as well as abroad.

The choir’s conductor since 2001, Marita Kaakinen, is a versatile professional musician – conductor, composer and a classic singing teacher. She is also the conductor of female choir Ultima Thule, Central-Ostrobothnia Chamber choir (since 2002) and Jokilaaksojen Oratorio Choir (since 2007). In addition, she was the President of the Finnish Female Choir Association from 2006 to 2010.


Marita Kaakinen has conducted Merikosken Laulu with determination and professionalism without forgetting humour. She is a demanding, inspiring and bold conductor with an extraordinary gift for musical nuances and ambiance. Marita verbalises these in a way that enable singers to relate to the music on a deeper level.


Merikosken Laulu has released four recordings. The most recent one “Ainainen” was recorded in 2011 and brings the sounds of Christmas and winter to the listener. “Olennainen”, was recorded in 2008, a spiritual record where women of different ages come together with a passion, energy and love of singing. The previous recordings, “Moninainen” was recorded in 2005 and “Odotan Sinua” in 1991.


Merikosken Laulu aims to challenge the prejudice that female choirs often encounter. The choir covers a wide and varied repertoire with a passion for new challenges. The choir’s persistence has paid off and it has been chosen as “the female choir of the year” for three times: in 2012, 2005 and 1988. In addition, in 2005 the choir achieved golden diploma and Marita Kaakinen a conductor prize in “In..Canto sul Garda” competition in Italy. In 2015, the choir participated in Tampere Vocal Music Festival and achieved three silver stamps.